Tyranitar Overview

This article analyses best Tyranitar movesets, setups and counters.

《Pokemon GO》三聖鳥將由「任務」取得羽毛對戰後取得!

《Pokemon GO》三聖鳥將由「任務」取得羽毛對戰後取得!

《Pokémon GO》最新寶可夢巢穴及重生點總整理!(2017.3.28)

《Pokémon GO》最新寶可夢巢穴及重生點總整理!(2017.3.28)

Top 10 Rarest Pokémon

So you want to catch ‘em all. Here’s the definitive list the Pokémon that will give you ..........



Top 15 Highest Hp/Stamina Stats in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the games which needs proper planning with what pokemon you need for gym fights and for future game.

Ursaring Overview

It’s not a surprise that your cute Teddiursa will evolve into that vicious looking Ursaring

神人 3D 筆自製噴火龍!肚腩空心可打開置物?(內有視頻)

神人 3D 筆自製噴火龍!肚腩空心可打開置物?(内有视频)

【替身娃娃】Pokemon Go巨大綠色恐龍會是什麼? 替身娃娃相關產品?


班吉拉沒那麼強? 被網友批毫無強化養大的價值!!

二代更新后, 班吉拉一直被誉为二代中的霸主 用于最高的cp,又被称为快龙第二

【替身娃娃】Pokemon Go巨大綠色恐龍!你有遇到了嗎?官方Bug / 技能

【替身娃娃】Pokemon Go巨大綠色恐龍!你有遇到了嗎?官方Bug / 技能

Top 3 Least Popular Pokemon Type

In the Pokemon world, there are so many Pokemon types to choose from. There’s the bug, psychic, fire, water, and etc.

Pokemon Go has turned into a buggy mess after the latest update

Pokemon Go shot back up the charts once again last week thanks to the arrival of the Water Festival event


巨鉗螳螂屬性分析及探討 到底他在宝可梦里可以多强

警到場疏導交通 IV100傳說乘龍現身三峽 

《寶可夢》日前推出「Water Festival 潑水節活動」,讓水系寶可夢如鯉魚王、傑尼龜、小鋸鱷等以及其進化型將會大量出現,甚至稀有寶可夢「乘龍」的出現率也大量出現

Bugs (+Fixes) in 0.59.1 (Android) and 1.29.1 (iOS)

although the recent Pokemon GO update was very exciting, it was also very buggy, bringing along a plethora of bugs.....