第五處則是讓人印象最為深刻的S8半決賽IG對陣G2 ,TheShy厄薩斯1V4天神下凡的畫面!

  • 阿卡莉
  • (R) R2最小傷害從65/140/215增加到85/150/215
  • 蛇女
  • (E)的傷害從20/40/60/80/100 恢復到10/30/50/70/90
  • 賽勒斯
  • 成長物防從2增加到2.5
  • Petricite Burst(被動)範圍從350 回復到400
  • 英雄改動
  • 安妮
  • (E) 
    • 冷卻時間從15降至14/13/12/11/10
    • 移動速度從隨技能等級的20/30 / 40/50/60%增加到30-60%
  • 潘森
  • 基礎魔防從32.1降至28
  • (W)從[150%AD]變為[隨等級上升135-165%AD]
  • 雷克煞
  • 基礎物防33增加到36
  • Q現在可以打塔
  • 賽勒斯
  • 基礎物防從25增加到28
  • (被動) 
    • 範圍從400降至350
    • 傷害從[9-60(+ 100%AD)(+ 20%AP),但是對小兵只有50%的傷害]
    • 變為主要目標有[110%AD(+ 20%AP)傷害,但對其他敵人只有 40%AD (+ 20%AP)傷害
  • 札克
  • 現在被動可以ping冷卻時間?????
  • (R) 的屍塊每塊回復札克1/2/3%的HP(隨技能等級上升
9.19Is the patch Worlds will be played on so will also be fairly small on the SR side. Will have some balance changes in it based off whatever’s needed at the time, not planning anything beyond reactive balance work for it though. 
9.20+Here we'll shift focus more towards a mixture of solo queue driven work. Shaco and Garen work potentially land in or around 9.20 for example.The SR team will also be spending a lot of their time getting preseason changes ready. 
Preseason: Potential Edge of Night change 
Speaking of preseason we're looking at updating at least a few items in preseason. One case that's been testing well so far is Edge of Night. Current plan is to change the spellshield on it to a Banshee's Veil one (refreshes every X seconds while out of combat instead of having it come from a channeled active. For those of who you use EoN regularly, or have in the past, would love to get your thoughts on how you'd feel about such a change?"